Busy Week

Pleased with the Yankees apparent turnaround in Atlanta and then against the Mets (or is it MASH Unit, or even David Wright and the seven dwarfs?). Congrats to Mariano Rivera on his 500th save. That’s a great achievement, but also hides what he will be remembered for- his postseason track record.

Also proud of what our national team did, despite Brazil’s second-half comeback. And of our soldiers, as they turned over control of Iraq’s cities to an Iraqi military.

Anyway, on to present matters. NBA and NHL free agents to chat about tomorrow, more so with hockey because basketball players can’t sign until next week. Ronaldo and Kaka to be officially introduced at Real Madrid… more big money signings to come?

I’ll have some thoughts on this stuff later… after dealing with my own business! Damn, the holiday weekend can’t get here soon enough. Should I go out to the beach or hit the city? Your thoughts welcome…


One of a Kind

Yosemite Sam: This town ain’t big enough fer the two of us!
Bugs Bunny: It ain’t?
Yosemite Sam: No it ain’t!
Bugs Bunny: I’ll fix that.
[Builds a bigger city]
Bugs Bunny: Now is it big enough?
Yosemite Sam: No, still not big enough!

more famous quotes

Source: Great-Quotes.com, scroll down to “Bugs Bunny Rides Again” (1948).

Somebody’s apparently trying to emulate the Danimal on this Beer Lodge thread. Doing a horrible job of it too. There’s only one Danimal- at least in this corner of the world- and he ain’t it. Hence the video below, as it could describe me and this blog as well… okay, maybe I’m not that arrogant… or remotely as successful as “Le Boss” of the mighty Arsenal.

Happy Passover and Easter for those celebrating it! Adam Dobrowolski makes a good point about how our holiday sports entertainment takes the players away from their families. We should always appreciate that sacrifice, regardless of their salaries.