Daniel Glaser is a native of Great Neck, New York. If any part of Great Neck actually resembles F. Scott Fitzgerald’s “West Egg,” he hasn’t seen it. Don’t ask him how he became the Danimal- he thinks some friends at Colgate University coined it- but he now wears it proudly in this fine blog.

While attending Colgate, Dan was a sports writer for the Maroon-News. He also hosted shows on WRCU-FM, helped produce a variety of athletic events for the school’s television station and website, and interned in the sports department of local NBC affiliate WSTM. Other internships included work on shows for VH1 and SportsNet New York (SNY). Dan studied abroad for a semester in England, which helped foster one of his other passions: history. He ultimately majored in that field, as well as in English. Maybe that’s why one of his research papers was on Studio 54. Dan also sometimes even hit the gym for a workout. Oh, and every once in a while, he managed to go out at night. Wait, maybe it was a little more often than that… Plus, there was that semi-heroic episode in Hilton Head.

Right now, he works, watches sports, eats, reads, and definitely goes on the treadmill each day (or to the gym when time allows). Somehow, he manages to get some blogging and sleeping in too!


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