Hit and Run

A few quickie thoughts because I’ve been away from the blog too long.

Stanley Cup Playoff OT is pretty awesome. A pair of games with them tonight was even better. A battle of wills until someone scores. Now, as a soccer fan, I wouldn’t stop watching hockey if they did go to 4-on-4 after one or two OT sessions down the road, as has been proposed a few times. I’d rather have TV coverage than none, assuming this were the choice to be made. But, the current and long-time way of settling games is fine too, so if it isn’t really broke, let it be. Speaking of “The Beautiful Game,” Manchester United vs. Barcelona should be an awesome Champions League final. Arsenal’s demise was painful, but Man U put on a beautiful display and fully deserved to go through. So much for Cristiano Ronaldo having an “off year.”

Not sure if I’m going to read Selena Roberts’ book at this point. I suppose down the road when it’s available in a library, my perspective could change!

My brother came home tonight with his second year of college done. Wasn’t so long ago I was in that situation. Between that year and the one which followed, boy did I change. So many formative experiences in a short time. I suspect he probably is going through this and will continue to. Oh, tonight or tomorrow also marks one year since my very last academic requirements were completed. I helped reenact a scene from The Bard (I don’t remember which play). While acting wasn’t exactly my forte, it actually went pretty well! Either following a pleasant class dinner at the Inn, or the following day, I completed one last Final exam- International Relations of the Middle East. By Thursday night, it was off to Hilton Head Island with some of my very closest friends for a terrific few days at the beach. More memories of that later…


2 Responses to “Hit and Run”

  1. chase Says:

    Manny?????what do you think?

  2. Danimal Says:

    didn’t really expect it from him, not because of body shape, but other reasons…

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