Happy 100 Days!

Graphic Source: Slate

Mr. President. By no means is he doing a perfect job. For all we know, some of his actions to deal with the recession, wars, and the rest could end up failing down the road, both in policy and in cost. Other presidents in the past have had bold ideas, put together staffs/cabinets which sounded great in theory… only to see the whole thing fall apart. Lyndon Johnson’s administration comes to mind because of Vietnam (and JFK also had some missteps on foreign policy with many of the same advisors).

But I do think we can be happy about at least one thing today- especially because it seems unlikely to go away anytime soon. Competence is but the least of Obama’s good traits, which collectively are now back in power after too many years away. Long may that continue!

(Also, long live my ability to pick basketball games more accurately than he can!)

Graphic Source: Delaware Online

One Response to “Happy 100 Days!”

  1. chase Says:

    Good post DG. If smart people get things right 7 times out of 10, I’m happy. The inverse is unacceptable.

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