Urban Heat Island? What Urban Heat Island?

It looked like a nice day outside, and I knew I had plenty of time to make a train home at the desired time, so I decided to walk down Central Park West and then Broadway for a little while this afternoon until I finally boarded the subway at Columbus Circle.

Well, according to the giant CNN sign atop 3 Columbus Circle- don’t let the images in this post fool you, it stands out from well up Central Park West as you look to the south- it was 64 degrees around 5:30 in the afternoon. Seemed reasonable given today’s predicted forecast. But man, I could feel the wind most of the way down. Not many sunny spots to walk towards either. It wasn’t winter, but not exactly as pleasant as a day in the mid-60s should be. And this was still about two hours from sunset.

I guess 70-75 on Friday and Saturday would be hard to ruin, though! At least, so long as I can get outside for a little while…

Before I go, a quick farewell to John Madden. Watching the NFL won’t quite be the same without him (even if the quality of his insights have probably declined over the past few year), but at least the video game’s going nowhere fast!

Photo sources: NY Times and John Lumea


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