Quick Hitters

Not much time for a long blog post, so just a few things. First, check out NYC Food Guy’s review of Citi Field’s cuisine. Looks great! We already know about the new Yankee Stadium’s sports bar, Hard Rock Cafe (opened by Bernie Williams), and steakhouse, but hopefully the remaining offerings are likewise spectacular. Sure seems like the other aspects of the stadium will be. The fans and players already like it.

Next, a bit of humor I saw on the train home tonight and a quick reaction to the Jay Cutler trade.

A belated April Fools joke from my old paper. Can any Colgate student or alum honestly imagine life without the Old Stone Jug (or as I sometimes termed it, “the place which shall not be named.”)? I mean, yes, it actually needs some renovating and an expansion in size, as some nights I remember it being a small miracle if anyone could move a foot. If you weren’t right at the bar or on the dance floor, you might have to wait a while. And you could say plenty of other not-so-kind things about it. But what would life at Colgate be without it? I really don’t think many people want to find out, because there has never been too much else to do at night…

As for Cutler, I didn’t expect him to be dealt so quickly, or that the Bears would get him. While the Bears did probably need an upgrade over Kyle Orton at quarterback, the players liked and fought hard for the incumbent, who was sent to Denver as part of the trade. Cutler’s ability to work with others is questionable. In fairness though, the Bears say that one of their scouts got to know Cutler while he was in college and was comfortable with him both on and off the field. Plus, the Bears defense is certainly better than anything Cutler had supporting him in Denver, so if he continues to put up big passing numbers, he could win a lot more games. And while Chicago had to give up two first-round draft picks (including #18 overall this year), they weren’t likely to be in position to get anyone with the potential to be much better. So this could definitely pay off for the Bears, especially in a division lacking a powerhouse team. They also signed Orlando Pace to help protect Cutler.


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