Not Bad…

But it could have been even better. I am currently just inside facebook’s top-4700 with 26 correct picks in the first round, which isn’t saying much at first. However, it turns out that such a score was in the top-1% of all users. Apparently, a lot of people got all of them right, which is to say they literally nailed half the tournament. Yikes. I doubt anyone’s getting all the way to this point, but talk about life-altering if it did happen! I’m not doing quite as well in The Beer Lodge’s bracket, but we’ll see how things turn out when the big boys start to play or face tough tests. Obviously, Wake Forest and West Virginia already failed their exams big-time, while Florida State went down at the wire, both of which did serious damage to my bracket. That said, all the 1s and 2s moved on as expected, and I nailed Arizona beating Utah, Maryland over California, and Michigan over Clemson. Currently, 11 of my picks to make the Sweet 16 are still alive. So I can say that I outscored President Obama in the first round, but apparently he’s got a chance to outscore me going forward…

Off to the gym now. I’ll catch some of the action in between exercises and more so tonight.


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