My Picks Are In…

Naturally, I’m entering a couple of bracket pools for fun. There are a couple of minor prediction variations from one bracket to another, but my consensus final four is UNC, Louisville, Memphis, and Pittsburgh. I suppose that means that UConn will end up getting on a good run and making it to Detroit, while UNC gets knocked out early either because of Ty Lawson’s injury or because they don’t play good enough defense…

Once in the Motor City, I have UNC playing Louisville, with the Cardinals winning. Personally, I’d rather see North Carolina win, so I wouldn’t mind President Obama’s bracket being correct. Still, I just can’t look past Louisville’s credentials and especially how well they have played coming into the tournament.

Earlier in the tournament, I like a few upsets, including Arizona to beat Utah (as indicated on Monday), Utah State knocking out Marquette (the Golden Eagles haven’t played well at all since Dominic James suffered his season-ending injury) and Western Kentucky over Illinois. I picked a couple of 10s or 9s over 7s and 8s, but those games are usually toss-ups anyway. Especially not sure about Maryland-California and Michigan-Clemson. UCLA-VCU was also an extremely hard call, but in the end I did take UCLA. That one may go down to the wire, and even if the Bruins do win, I don’t see them beating likely second round opponent Villanova, not least because the game would be in Philadelphia. Also in that round (assuming these teams advance), I picked Texas over Duke and West Virginia over Kansas, plus Florida State to beat Xavier and Purdue over Washington in 4-5s.

Could there be bigger upsets this weekend? Absolutely, and I’ll probably look really dumb on Sunday night if and when they happen. But I don’t like picking shockers just for the sake of it, and nothing else really stands out at me as far as good match-ups for the lower seed or injury problems for the big boys. College basketball this season has had a lot of parity near the top, but I think there is still a pretty good gap between the high and low seeds. If true, it would basically confirm the selection committee’s judgments in bracketing the field. We shall see though…

I’ll give my take how things actually turn out tomorrow night and/or Friday. Yeah, hopefully I, the Danimal, get to gloat a little over my Beer Lodge or former Maroon-News colleagues, but I won’t hold my breath on that one! The picks I made for the Sweet 16 and regional finals will be revealed next week. Not withstanding (of course) my right to make new picks based on who actually gets there.


2 Responses to “My Picks Are In…”

  1. chase Says:

    My picks are up Dan. LMK what you thin

  2. chase Says:


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