Maybe I Spoke Too Soon

That Syracuse-UConn game last night was pretty good, huh? Yeah, I did watch almost all of it at the expense of quite a bit of sleep. You wonder if Jonny Flynn could play himself out of college as a high draft-pick to be. Not only is he playing out of his mind, he’s getting almost absurd minutes too- I think one of ESPN’s analysts said Flynn’s had less than five minutes of game play off over the past two nights. Then North Carolina survived what was basically a classic against Virginia Tech, who have had so many opportunities to knock off the big boys and make the Dance but couldn’t seal the deal.

And we’ve still got two days worth of championships from the power conferences to come. Fun for us at home, not so much for the selection committee putting the bracket together, or the bubble teams who don’t have any more games left, just hoping that they made the cut.

Oh yeah, and the WBC’s second-round games start up. Plus Man U-Liverpool on Saturday morning.

And above all that, of course, it’s the weekend. Catch you later. I already started off nicely with a delicious sole oreganata from one of Ayhan’s ubiquitous restaurants on Long Island. Hopefully you all make it a pleasant one as well.


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