And All is Right in the World…

Okay, not exactly. I don’t have a solution to health care, and we’ll see if the various groups who discussed how to find one at the White House can do better. Same with all the other issues.

And A-Rod could be out for a while. Despite the vociferous boos from a minority of Yankee fans, I appreciate how great a player is. What the Yankees do will have a lot to do with his performance because he is unquestionably the most dangerous hitter in the lineup. If A-Rod needs to have surgery for his torn labrum now instead of after the season, I’m not sure that the Yankees are that likely to win the AL East. I really think the Rays still have room to improve (even if tougher competition means their win total could still drop) and it’s anyone’s guess what the Red Sox will do this season. They will likely at least get the wild card because a reasonably healthy C.C. Sabathia, A.J. Burnett, and Chien-Ming Wang on the mound should turn a few losses from last year (started by the likes of Sidney Ponson and Darrell Rasner) into wins.

But… some warmer weather is finally coming to NY. And this guy’s back. Now things are really getting better. He’s not fit yet, while Derek Morris and Nik Antropov have to adjust to their new teammates, but coupled with the Blueshirts’ other acquisitions, the Rangers should at least be entertaining for the remainder of this season, if probably not a title contender. Granted it’s come against two of the NHL’s worst teams in the Avalanche and Islanders, but they are starting to win and score goals again.

Credit to ESPN and the Associated Press for this photo of a rivalry that we apparently haven’t seen the last of. Life is getting better each day.


One Response to “And All is Right in the World…”

  1. Trevor Marticke Says:


    What’s up man? Any plans for St. Patty’s day yet? I’m gonna be in NYC that weekend and it would be great to catch up.


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