More Honors for Alex Ovechkin

As if he needed any, but The Beer Lodge crew picked him as “Bro of the Week.” A well deserved honor for the man who can apparently do it all.

Sidney Crosby? Whom Ovechkin gave a friendly wave to in their recent game? A possible consolation prize as he won “Jabroni of the Week.”

Tiger Woods, on the other hand, apparently is human (just joking, so is Ovechkin). Seriously, match play is a bit of a crap-shoot because winning or losing depends to some degree on how well your opponent is playing. Tim Clark is a good, veteran international player who played a fabulous round of golf. Trust me, even without Tiger, Vijay, or Padraig Harrington, the final three rounds of golf this weekend should be plenty exciting. The PGA Tour’s marketing slogan isn’t wrong. These guys are good- pretty much from top to bottom.


2 Responses to “More Honors for Alex Ovechkin”

  1. chase Says:

    Did not agree w Sid Cros as JBro. Defintely not a Bro but a JBro…come on! They guy is still pretty sick.

  2. Danimal Says:

    Not saying I agree with their whole take on this!

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