Really Cool Links

I will get back to some longer-form posts as the week progresses. It’s just been pretty busy for me the past couple of days and nights.

In the meantime, check out Jeff Skversky’s piece on a Philadelphia-area high school swimmer born without eyesight. Jeff was one of my supervisors when I interned at the NBC station in Syracuse and he’s now a sports reporter for one of the country’s most successful local news stations, in his hometown to boot. My brother and sister have both swum competitively for Great Neck South’s teams, and never forget to tell us how intense it is/was at the dinner table. That just makes Matt Wallace’s accomplishments even more amazing. Awesome story.

Jeff also did a story this weekend on the Philadelphia Flyers’ carnival to raise money for various charities. Looks like that event was pretty successful! Closer to home, the Rangers have a casino event every year for charity, and that’s coming up next week. A little too expensive for my tastes, but the pictures I’ve seen from past events indicate that it’s probably a lot of fun. Before anyone asks, I do like the hiring of John Tortorella as the new Rangers head coach. I was not advocating for Tom Renney’s removal; he did a terrific job getting the team back to respectability and the playoffs. Also, the roster as presently constituted probably isn’t that much better than their record indicates. That said, I do think Tortorella’s style could light a fire under the team and help them get going at exactly the right time- the end of the interminably long regular-season and into the playoffs. We’ll see though!

Also, Taylor Buonocore, a friend of mine from Colgate, is blogging about her experiences volunteering for the better part of her first year after school. She spent nearly three months in Ecuador last fall and is now in Tanzania, working at a children’s village/school until the end of March. Plus, she’s had the chance to see the Galapagos, go on a safari, and visit other incredible natural sites. It sounds really cool, so do make her weekly updates part of your blog-reading habit for the next few months!


3 Responses to “Really Cool Links”

  1. Colin Says:

    Love the blog. Do you have any interest in Lacrosse? You should blog about the changes going on in Major League Lacrosse. Here is my profile. I think someone turned the heat way up in my office because I am sweating like crazy wrtting this message.

  2. O Face Says:

    Yoz, Colin dont “sweat” the small stuff!!

    I think this blog should have a lacrosse section. But like, of only the big games you know? I remember I used to get so fired up for those games, I like couldn’t even think straight. I would be dizzy or vomiting and it dind’t even matta. I just knewz i couldn’t get penalty minutes or coach was gonna kill me.

    Or swimming, thats a sport i alwayz had trouble with, so now i have a lot of respect for swimmers.

  3. Big Whiskey Says:

    Lets not start hating on being a big sweaty man. The preferred term is “Well oiled machine” by the way. I am interested in the whole lacrosse thing, I think my friend reid would be very interested in finding out how it’s supposed to be played. Being able to run is only about 1/5 of the requirement.

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