If You Haven’t Already Seen it…

You need to. Right now. You can even watch this clip in HD.

Simply incredible. He literally played the puck to himself off the boards as if it was a game of streetball, then jammed the puck in as he was being taken down to the ice. To think that Alex Ovechkin himself only described it as top-10 for his career. Just about everyone else is comparing it to That Goal he scored against Phoenix back in 2006 from the seat of his pants. Up to now, that was undoubtedly his best, and arguably as good as any goal scored in the last two decades.

Canadian sports network TSN tried to rank Ovechkin’s 10 best goals. For the moment, they think #1 is the one from Phoenix and #2 is the one he scored on Montreal this week. Take a look at their compilation and decide from yourself.

Me? I’ll agree with TSN’s assessment because Ovechkin didn’t appear to get a clean look at goal against Phoenix when he shot the puck, and he was going away from the net too. Regardless, they’re both fun to watch over and over again. Plus, you can just about count on Ovechkin delivering a few more special goals before he’s done. Bad news for NHL defensemen and goalies, great news for fans.

I just wish somehow he could’ve ended up in New York… we may just have to settle for Nikolai Zherdev.


One Response to “If You Haven’t Already Seen it…”

  1. chase Says:

    best part about OV: celebrates like it is his 1st Gnote every time.

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