Off to the Boardroom Again?

Didn’t see or hear any of A-Rod’s press conference while at work today, but read about it afterwards. As I said in earlier posts, investigating steroid use in baseball prior to when MLB and the players agreed to testing with penalties has little point or meaning to me. I hope for Alex’s sake that he isn’t hiding anything else, especially with Selena Roberts (one of the SI reporters who broke the story about his steroid use) set to release a book about him in April. If he is being close to honest (and I can understand him shielding his cousin’s name for privacy reasons but the media will probably find out that person’s identity soon enough) and is never caught using HGH (which can’t yet be detected by a urine test)- I assume he wouldn’t use anything that could be found under MLB’s current tests!- then okay, end of story. Dumb mistake made, he won’t try to hide it forever like Barry Bonds or Mark McGwire, and he’s got nine years left on his contract with which to build an overwhelmingly positive legacy.

It’s the players who test positive going forward that I and history will definitely be less kind to.

I’m not a big Bill Madden fan, but he made a good point in today’s Daily News. Evidently, nobody from MLB, much less the Mitchell Report investigators, has done much about steroids in the Dominican Republic. They seem to be easier and cheaper to get over there, and Madden cites an ESPN report that a majority of minor league players who tested positive under the current policy are from that country. So yes, maybe cleaning up the sport (to the extent this is possible) begins with discouraging youngsters, regardless of country, from taking steroids. That it’s not entirely about ethics (which are themselves obviously debatable), but above all else, one’s health, maybe even one’s life.

But going back to this thread’s title…

Saw a headline blurb in today’s Wall Street Journal that Trump Entertainment Resorts (i.e. casinos) is headed to bankruptcy court. This isn’t the first time it’s happened. I guess you have to ask at what point does a judge tell The Donald or his business partners, “You’re Fired!”

This just gave me a good laugh, even though I fully respect the size and scale of Trump’s empire.

Lots of other stuff going on, with all other things baseball starting up and of course the dog and pony show in Washington. I’ll get into that later in the week.


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