A Little Seriousness and Humor

Found a couple of links on CNN’s website worth commenting on this afternoon.

David Smick’s assessment of the banking situation provides a different take on Obama’s executive pay caps and TARP 2.0 than I had yesterday. In short, he sees the caps (with the provision that excess compensation can be in stock unredeemable before the government funds are repaid) as a way to hide the aforementioned stock exception. With it, President Obama theoretically can defend TARP and whatever toxic assets the government buys because the executives won’t get millions of dollars guaranteed; they would depend on recovery and a subsequent rise in the price of their stock.

It could work, but as he notes, Obama needs to show that TARP is going to have serious teeth in the future.

On a lighter note, seeing as it is Friday afternoon:

The head of Papa John’s warns people not to eat too much pizza.

Hmm, ya think? In small quantities, lots of food items can be part of a good diet. I certainly enjoy some foods and overall cuisine which aren’t incredibly healthy- steak, chinese food, Nathan’s fries, among other things. And yes, certain types of pizza too! The key is not to eat too much of this stuff or really just about any one thing. Radio host’s joke aside, I don’t think Papa John has to worry about hurting his hurting his business too much with these comments. Last time I checked, a certain fast-food chain does extremely well promoting both low and higher-fat choices.

More later tonight or this weekend.


8 Responses to “A Little Seriousness and Humor”

  1. Dan Belke Says:

    How does the Fresh Prince of Great Neck (you) feel about Mrs. Clinton being secretary of state? I too enjoy a hot slice of ‘za and a cold diet cola, but I think stressing moderation is the right way to go!!

  2. Daniel Glaser Says:

    Good catch, never forget the Diet Coke! Okay, splurge on a light beer once in a while lol.

    As for Secretary Clinton, we’ll see. I’m sure she’s capable of doing the job and NY will probably now have a senator who isn’t actively looking at a run for even higher office.

  3. Reid Diamond Says:

    I’m glad you brought up TARP 2.0 and the executive stock option and pay changes that are being thrown out there. Am I the only one who thinks that this is just going to make top executives at these companies cut their loses and bolt? I don’t know if it is all this talk about Diet Coke or just Friday afternoon, but I am fired up about this. Hillary scares me.

  4. Mike "Casanova" Parshley Says:

    Mike here.

    • Danimal Says:

      Hi Mike/Dan!

      Reid, good point, but as I and others have said, where exactly are people gonna go these days to find high-paying jobs? Just not sure.

  5. Eric Anton Says:

    Oh man!! How have I just found out about this site? This is good stuff. Dan its good to see you putting yourself out there like this kind of like how I used to put myself out there on the soccer pitch. Nothing gets results like dedication, hard work, and a lot of sweat. Nothing refreshes you more after a good sweat like a Diet Coke…good looking out.

  6. Jon Freeberg Says:

    Speaking of Papa John’s, maybe one day I’ll be Papa Jon!!!! I really hope I can meet the right girl and settle down and have a child. I just can’t seem to find one though!

    Maybe the next blog posting could be about relationships? I would love some adivce on what I’m doing wrong!

  7. Reid Diamond Says:

    I really like that idea Jon. After 3 failed attempts at proposal I took would love to hear what everyone has to say about finding Love. It’s hard to think that I have struck out for so long with such good pick up lines like these:

    “Excuse me, do you have any raisins? How about a date?”

    “I have big feet.”

    “Hi. You’ll do.”

    and my personal favorite:

    “Can I take your picture? (Why?) Because I want Santa to know exactly what I want for Christmas.”

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