And We’re Back!

With the help of a computer expert my mother has worked with for several years, my laptop has been cleaned up and rid of the viruses and spyware plaguing it for the last few months. He put in some new and updated safety programs, which I definitely plan to use carefully so that I don’t have to go through this again for a long while!

Gotta finish up the book that I’ve spent too long reading in small pieces sooner rather than later. Dad told me he bought the new Joe Torre book that’s been all the buzz around New York, and says it was flying off the stands in Penn Station. Probably true all over the city, and who knows how high it will climb on the NYT Best Seller list? Once he reads, I will have the chance to do so and then I’ll tell you what I think. I can say this, I don’t have any beef with A-Rod; he’s a great player and as a Yankees fan, I know he will be important to any success the team achieves in the next few years. Hopefully, Jeter’s right that the team’s behind him. Distractions are the last thing they need in a city where baseball is 24/7/365.

As I write this, Wake Forest and Duke both lose by 20+ points tonight in the ACC. That’s not all down to having an off-night or being on the road. Just like in college football, there is now parity in men’s hoops like never before. Come hard every game or go home.

And the meteorologists on TV say a multi-day warm-up for NY after Friday. Finally. It’s been way too cold lately and the light snows make it worse. I hate blizzards and can obviously handle low temperatures (thanks again Colgate!), but as I’ve said before, it’s really not supposed to snow 1-3 inches every few days around here!

Yes I like the idea of restrictions on executive pay (and presumably for lower-level employees) under TARP. I don’t love the idea of heavy government intervention in companies (political interests and what’s best for the company’s development may be very different), and I normally oppose salary caps in sports (that’s for another day), but if you are going to accept taxpayer dollars, shouldn’t you expect to be watched closely? Don’t start with me about the idea of people quitting over this. As Rick Beyer notes, what companies are out there that will pay them comparable money these days? The ones who are doing well probably don’t see a need to make many changes in the boardroom… Politico’s Arena debated this (among other issues) today.

Some less random thoughts tomorrow.


10 Responses to “And We’re Back!”

  1. Dan Belke Says:

    I dont think I like the overt east coast elitist liberal tone this blog is taking on. love it or leave it.

  2. Daniel Glaser Says:

    I actually try not to be that type of person, since I certainly know the type. I love this country very much and proudly stand for responsibility in government and in supporting both the country’s economy and ecology. Oh, and I loathe the hypocrisy we see too much of in politicians.

  3. Dan Belke Says:

    I am thinking about starting a blog that solely comments on your blog daily. Thoughts? Concerns?

  4. Daniel Glaser Says:

    Up to you, but you could also post stuff on this blog. You’re a good writer and I suspect you can add a lot to this venture. Besides, different perspectives are usually a good thing!

  5. Dan Belke Says:


  6. Reid Diamond Says:

    There is nothing worse than a computer virus. I got a few in College and man did I hate them. Buying a new computer was not in the cards and the people at SOURCE were speaking a foreign language. The only thing I understood was them telling me to avoid the large amount of site traffic to dangerous sites. We all know that’s not gonna happen wink wink!

  7. Chief Hinton Says:

    a few things…

    1) I am auditioning for a role in the new twilight premiere as a warewolf! hopefull I get the part and I can fly you out so you can write about the movie in your blog!

    2) I distinctly remember seeing you wear a Redsox hat a few times in our FSEM class! How can you root for both the Yanks and Sox!

    3) with so much parity in NCAA men’s hoops, don’t you think that it might not necessarily be the case where you have to “come hard every game or go home”? I just don’t know… (I’m only playing Devil’s advocate, by the way!

    4) While you’re freezing your ___ off up in NY I am chillin’ in the desert with beautiful babies in bikini’s! Jealous?!

  8. Jon freeberg Says:

    Could I start posting too?

    I was thinking about writing a section on how our bodies are always changing… And not always for the better!

    I have measured my dinky every three months for the past five years, but the growth has been mimimal. On the other hand, I keep getting hairier…!

  9. Mike "Nova" Parshley Says:

    As a compassionate and sensitive male American youth I am no doubt deeply troubled over the current state of our union. As a shameless supporter of Mr. Obama, do you really believe this so called “stimulus” package will actually help our economy, when based on simple calculations it will come at a cost of $900,000 per job created? Don’t you see it more as an opportunity for liberals to realize all their half-baked fantasies and sophomoric policy attempts of the past 20 years by attempting to put in as much spending as possible that is completely unrelated to the economy? As always just calling it how I see it!!
    M. Parsh

  10. Danimal Says:

    sure, just don’t be too graphic please! magic of blog tags means I never know who could be reading this fine blog!

    as for the economy, I’m actually not a huge fan of Obama and am very skeptical of the stimulus package as it currently stands… I do think something needs to be done but a little more carefully targeted… that said, I think he’s bright and could do a very good job as President

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