Apologies for the lack of postings this weekend and yesterday. Lots of stuff to talk about. Great Super Bowl? Not sure. Fabulous fourth quater? You bet. Unbelieveable catch at the end? Yep. Elsewhere, Michael Phelps incident? Pretty bad judgment, but not the end of the world for him or us. Rafael Nadal? Freak of nature. Oh, and the circus over the stimulus continues in Washington. It’ll be interesting to see what position Obama takes on it, once the Senate passes their version and the two chambers head to conference to thrash out a compromise. His presidency may depend on whether or not the final plan works, as he admitted this weekend. Of course, that says nothing about the direction of our country and economy!

Unfortunately, more computer troubles means I have sent my laptop to be looked at by a professional, rather than risk a big mistake by working on it myself. So probably no big entries until tomorrow night or Thursday. If it means no more bouts with Vundo, fake protection programs, and other junk- at least for a long while- then it’s worth it.

Catch you then. Just don’t bring any viruses… or wascally wabbits.


2 Responses to “Bugs…”

  1. 'gate Says:

    give more substance, Dan.

    • Daniel Glaser Says:

      Who’s this? IP check indicates SUNY Health/Science in Syracuse… John, my first-year roommate? If so, it’s been too long, my friend! And I will certainly try to add more; didn’t have much time for a detailed post on Monday.

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