If This Really Happens…

I’d feel bad for my friends in Chicago, some of whom post on this fine blog. Rod Blagojevich as America’s newest shock jock?

My first reaction when I saw this link at work was “you’re kidding about this, right?” I mean, “mastery of public policy, newshound-like familiarity with the events of the day, and remarkable facility with banter,” as program director Kevin Metheny claims. Sure, we can say Blago has shown mastery of arrogance, stupidity, and if the criminal charges against him are proven, corruption. The other qualities? Not so much. Besides, doesn’t radio already have enough people like this? By the way, WGN-TV was famous for carrying that character. And now a modern version would star on WGN-AM.

Believe it or not, a rival station already offered him a show.

Credit to Taegan Goddard for spotting this story. He always seems to find the good nuggets of political news, plus some witty quotes on the side.

That’s it for now. Off to watch the Australian Open and whatever else is on TV tonight.


7 Responses to “If This Really Happens…”

  1. Jon Freeberg Says:

    I may live in Chicago, but I’m definitely not FROM Chicago. Don’t get me started on Rod Blagojevich.

    I’ll always be a Torrey Pines guy… I love everything about San Diego.

    I miss the weather most of all. I always found it fun to spend time outside… even in the middle of winter! I love surfing, boogy boarding, and skateboarding.

  2. Reid Diamond Says:


    You may not remember me, but I am 2 years older than you and played Lacrosse at Colgate. A few friends turned me onto your blog and I must say I am hooked! Keep the posts coming and let me know if you ever need someone to comment from out here in Boston!

    Oh, I also love dogs and Sudoku…I feel like that about sums me up thanks!!

  3. Jon Freeberg Says:


    This is my email address.

  4. Reid Diamond Says:

    Sorry I forgot to leave you my email adress in case you need anything from me or are ever in Boston and want to hang out or take a tour of Harvard together!


  5. ben camper Says:

    dan- love the blog. pumped to occupy myself for a good 20min each day. be well

  6. Jon Freeberg Says:

    also, I forgot to add my phone number… 858-229-8704

    I am always available if you have questions about articles or happenings in Chicago, and I respond to texticles and emails very quickly!

  7. Reid Diamond Says:

    I have been checking every hour to see if you have put up a new entry…I need my fix. Just kidding, but I do love your blog.

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