Pre-Inauguration Fun

More snow here in the 516 today. It’s rained or snowed for the better part of two weeks here now, except for the couple of days where it was dangerously cold. This isn’t supposed to be Seattle or Syracuse! At least tomorrow, it’s supposed to finally dry up some for the inauguration, which I will undoubtedly watch online at work. Change we can believe in? We’ll start to find out quickly, because at least one published report indicates that some Obama staffers will head straight from the swearing-in to the White House to start work. And yes, the rest of the week will be pretty busy too, thanks to the economy and Middle East.

In the meantime, check out Mike Polak’s new NY sports blog. I was an intern alongside of him at SNY in 2007, and boy does he bring the passion and knowledge everyday. But as a Colgate alum, I must object to his tributes to Cornell Men’s Hockey! Okay, I’ll be a sport. You can read them here and in more detail here.

Go Raiders!

The Beer Lodge crew starts a series on college restaurants with Colgate’s most well-known pizza place. Wasn’t a huge fan of Slices (‘come plain only’) myself- but the village of Hamilton isn’t a cuisine capital, even by Upstate NY standards.

That’s all for now. I’ll check in again after the inauguration fun.


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