A Quiet Saturday Night…

One more very cold night here in NY, and since it hasn’t been this bad in a few years, let’s hope it’s at least that long before it happens again. That’s really supposed to happen Upstate, or in the interior of the country, not the Coast or Southeast!

So just staying in and taking in loads of college basketball and news coverage. Plus a tuna melt (with onions, mustard, and even a little horseradish) and dessert. Yum. Oh, and I spent an hour or so explaining HDTVs to my grandmother, who is thinking about getting one for her apartment.

One other thing. Did anyone else see those Chevy Silverado ads with this guy? One of them says Silverado gets 21 MPG on the highway with a V-8 engine, while either the Ford or Dodge equivalent is V-6 and gets 19 MPG. Excuse me, but do you really buy a truck for MPGs or to floor it on the highway?

Saw these ads during at least one game today, and just had to post about them.

Or do you get one because it’s useful for towing stuff, carrying supplies or crops to where you need them, and other tasks like those? If you really want fuel efficiency, you get something smaller, or a hybrid version of an already popular and eco-friendly car. My car doesn’t qualify as green, but I’d never deceive myself about that fact.


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