Skies are Gonna Clear Up…

No, I won’t humor you with American Idol-style singing of “Put on a Happy Face” or anything else. Just not into reality TV, especially when they like to show you everything about the contestants- and the ones who are too awful to even make the cut. My mother and sister watch it, but then I’ve never claimed we were all incredibly alike in our tastes!

Anyway, short posting tonight. Chatting with some friends via Facebook and looking into a few interesting possibilities. The former does tie into some good news hinted at in the post title. Looks like the spyware I’ve been dealing with lately is gone for now, because my computer seems to be running more smoothly. Hopefully it stays that way for a while. Mom suggested I download AVG and it seems to have picked up and quarantined a ton of stuff which nothing else I had on my computer was doing. Hey, I didn’t say mothers don’t know best, just that our TV watching habits are different!

That’s it for now.


2 Responses to “Skies are Gonna Clear Up…”

  1. Jon Freeberg Says:

    I think I have to side with your mom and sister… American Idol is great!

    And FYI, from my personal experiences, if you don’t want spyware, stay away from (ed: anything remotely sketchy)!!!!!!!!

    My computer is still trying to recover from all the viruses!

  2. Matt "The Chin" Lalli Says:

    where did the name danimal come from?

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