Random Coincidences

Since I graduated from college last May, I’ve been surprised how many times I’ve run into people from high school or the ‘Gate in some of the most random places.

Like tonight. I got tickets for Rangers-Islanders at the Nassau Coliseum (aka Mausoleum) as it’s not too far from my house (within 30 minutes). When I was younger, these games used to be pretty intense with split crowd loyalties. Now there’s still fighting amongst some of the fans- I saw some from my seat- it’s mostly tons of fellow Blueshirts faithful like myself as the Isles have become maybe the most craptacular team in any pro sport this side of the Pond. And whereas you couldn’t imagine Ranger fans getting off all of their favorite MSG chants back then, now we do, and pretty easily. A good game, Rangers didn’t play extremely well but did just enough to win. Anyway, at intermission, I’m milling about on the concourse before going back to my seat and suddenly somebody yells “Danimal”! It’s four guys from Colgate who made the trip from NYC, three of them huge Ranger fans (which I knew). Why is it so random? Getting from the city to the Mausoleum is not easy to do, as you have to drive or take a bus/cab from a train station elsewhere in Nassau County. Plus I could easily have been anywhere in the arena except where I was at that moment in time. Same for them, and in other scenarios. We’ve all been there. Yet it still happens.

Regardless, nice to catch up with people I hadn’t spoken to in a while. Oh, and also to see that Colgate students don’t just like hockey when they’re watching the Raiders play Clarkson or Cornell!


6 Responses to “Random Coincidences”

  1. Jon Freeberg Says:

    We should start playing Marco Polo at stadiums!!!!!

  2. Chief Hinton Says:

    What’s up, Dan? I’m so pumped you finally have a blog. It’s about time! That hockey game sounds CRAZY! I’m still out in Arizona State. You should definitely come visit some time. You can crash with me and we can hit the town together. Let me know!

  3. Jon Freeberg Says:


  4. Jon Freeberg Says:

    Or you guys could stop being h-mo’s for once and get two one way tickets to Chi-town ASAP!!!!!

  5. Chief Hinton Says:

    That works! Daninanimal let’s go! Chicago, here we come! Freeberg we’re staying with you, Trevor and Bardo.

  6. Matt "The Chin" Lalli Says:

    Danimal, I’m digging the blog. It gives people like me who spend too much time surfing the web something to look forward to everyday. How about that Rangers game though, those guys are wild!! I just joined this Lance Armstrong fan club, and this weekend, I am getting dressed up with the club and riding around central park. We wear the full uniform (tights, livestrong bracelet, etc.) and just get nutty with it, you should come!! Keep up the good work.

    I think you should write a blog article about where the name danimal came from.

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