Not Exactly a Saturday in the Park…

As the Northeast begins a week or two of truly miserable weather, the kind I thought I’d mostly seen the back of after leaving Colgate, I find myself half-blogging, half-trying to get rid of spyware. So much for relaxation and reading before the NFL Playoffs tonight.

With any luck, maybe things will warm up and brighten up a bit by Inauguration Day. Nothing like literary symbolism for the start of what we keep hearing will be a new era in this country. Color me a little unsure about that- maybe it’s the classes on U.S. government I took at school to supplement my English and History majors, or the headlines this week about wasted TARP funds and nearly trillion dollar economic recovery plans. Hey, I suppose Barack Obama’s fiscal management can only be an improvement on what we got from George W. Bush! Forget the comparisons to Truman. Bush and his advisors have made enough serious errors that history will not absolve them, whatever happens in the Middle East. Plus early indications are we might now have a government led by some competent people. No more fiascoes like this!


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