The BCS Isn’t Really BS

As I write this, the BCS Championship Game is just underway. Should be a good one, and yes, I do think the winner is the one and only National Champion for this season. The resumes of Florida and Oklahoma both top those of Utah (both in and out of conference), and Texas lost any argument they had when Ohio State pushed them to the brink in the Fiesta Bowl. USC never had a case because they lost to Oregon State, a team which turned out to be pretty overrated. They lost in brutal fashion to Oregon with the Pac-10 on the line, then beat Pittsburgh 3-0 in the Sun Bowl.

Anyway, everybody knew how the system worked going into this season, how to do well under the BCS format, and this is what we ended up with. Could a plus-one or bigger playoff be good? Sure, but the present situation’s not a travesty. Except for radio and TV-types who are really looking to kill a lot of time, so they create controversy when it’s not there.

In the end, the Gators prevailed in a legitimately great game. FOX’s poor coverage was almost as big a story though! Fortunately, this is the last National Championship game they’ll do until at least 2014 as ESPN/ABC won back exclusive BCS rights from 2011 (they already had next year’s title game because of a long-term deal for the Rose Bowl).


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